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Sabtu, 10 November 2012

find 5 ways to vent the pressure inside

1, identify their own anger

Sometimes, we reflect on some of the symptoms in the body, such as stomach pains, dry mouth, or behavior to show some deviations, such as rear-end, forgetful. One possibility is that we are angry or repressed anger. Therefore, the first thing to learn is to know that he is not angry. When angry, we may direct expression of anger may be amended so that not so direct, and to dissatisfaction, critical, to be hidden resentment, etc., may also be more indirect expression of frustration.

2, analyze the reasons

When we perceive to anger, we need to calm down and analyze what makes us angry. Need to find is not due to specific events, but events following the breach of implied details to your bottom line. Because of damage to others, your interests, self-esteem? Or because the situation did not follow the expected development of your frustration? Or you are angry way to fight for their own interests?

3, consider the significance of their own anger

Next, you need to consider two questions - "Why (not) angry? '" (Not) angry What are the benefits? "Expression can not be angry people, often the same emotions as the flame burning, so the state hindered the self- analysis, self-awareness process.

4, to find reasons not to express anger

We often affected by a number of potential ideas and hinder our expression, it is necessary to kick them out, tidy.

5, select the appropriate expression

Alcoholism, drag racing, stirred men are all significant features of some of the anger expression, this expression often bring harm to others or themselves. Sports or watching sports is a healthy way, the anger shifted to the opponent's body to exercise or movement can be rationalized to express anger. Of course, the expression of many, the most worthy of praise is the direct expression. When the anger to be expressed at the same time, the threat of it vanished.

Healthy anger is a mechanism must ensure not to hurt yourself, do not hurt others. In fact, often angry and aggressive behavior and can not be compared, anger is a normal psychological reaction, and aggressive behavior is a kind of over-reaction, often bring unexpected consequences. The easiest way is to find a psychiatrist for a full exchange your fragile psychological feelings, let them tell you how to calm aggressive behavior can not deal with the problem.


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