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Jumat, 09 November 2012

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a disease caused by taking lots of tension. This happens when you keep on thinking continuously about a variety of matters. In High Blood Pressure, the blood circulation pressure increases in the walls of the blood arteries. 

High Blood Pressure can be categorized according to the reason of this disease. The Hypertension caused without any other disease is a primary stage.. While the High Blood Pressure caused due to any kidney disease is categorized as the secondary stage. The primary stage of High Blood Pressure is more common than the secondary one. 

The High Blood Pressure can have hazardous results on your health. This can cause various other serious problems such as heart attack, reduction in the blood pumping through heart, hypertrophy or the increase in the size of an organ resulting from the thickening or stretching of blood tissue, brain problems, artery disease and lots more. 

High Blood Pressure is a major health problem in the world. Every year lots of people become the victim of this disease. Many of the High Blood Pressure cases are not curable. Still, the further increase in High Blood Pressure can be avoided by medication and diet control. Every person suffering from High Blood Pressure has to take complete medical aid and avoid eating oily or high cholesterol food. 

High blood pressure is quite common in men and women. Till the age limit of 55, this disease is common in both species. But, around the age of 75, High Blood Pressure becomes more common in women as compared to men. Well, High Blood Pressure can be avoided if people don’t take unnecessary tensions.


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