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Jumat, 02 November 2012

Is Hijab an Obligation?

The 7 Quranic verses which have been portrayed give rise to 3 differing grades of hijaab. The highest of these 3 grades of hijaab is that a woman should remain within her home as far as it is possible.

The second grade of Hijaab is that if the need should arise that a woman must go out then this should be carried out in such adornment which conceals her entirely. Whilst observing this grade of Hijaab, the application of scent, the wearing of tinkling jewellery, to exercise caution when walking so as not to enter the heart of a mixed crowd etc, are also points to be borne in mind. 

The third and lowest grade of Hijaab is in accordance to the Aayah of Surah Noor, "Except that which is evident." This verse is one of differing interpretations. Some scholars believe that ‘evident’ connotates the actual burqa and niqaab whilst other scholars have interpretated that ‘except that which is evident’ refers to the face and hands. 

From amongst the 4 Imams, Imam Malik, Shafi and Ahmed (R.A) have unanimously agreed upon the first of the two interpretations. According to the schools of thought related to these three Imams, no room has been given to the unveiling of the face and hands regardless of the fear of unlawful acts or not. 

Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A) has differed in his opinions favouring the latter of the two interpretations, however, he has only accepted the unveiling of the face and hands if there is no fear of unlawful acts arising in the process of this third grade of Hijaab. 

However, such unveiling within this day and age would obviously give rise to unlawful ways and so the necessity of entire concealment becomes much reinforced, consequently the great scholars after Imam-e-Aazam also agreed with the thoughts of Imam Malik, Shafi and Ahmed (R.A) 

In view of this the third grade of Hijaab has become invalidated and impermissible. Conclusively, Muslim women should observe either of the two valid and permitted grades of hijaab.

'Respond to the call of Allah, Verily Allah will help
and guide you to righteousness.' 


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