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Minggu, 11 November 2012

What You Can Do to Find Your Passion

In order to find your passion, you have to undergo certain things. They may not necessarily be the first things that you think of doing, but do them anyway, as the results will always be spectacular. After all, once you discover what it is you were really meant to do in life, and once you actually fulfill your destiny, you will feel absolutely amazing, and wouldn't you want that? Here then are some tips to start you off.

1. Find your passion by looking at great art.
Art is the imitation of life, but sometimes life imitates art as well. A source of inspiration that a lot of people are inspired by is art. There are artists who didn't know that they were artists until they saw a Picasso painting. Beauty has a way of stirring the soul. Sometimes the presence of great art causes us to realize that we want to create and be in the presence of divine art. Visit museums and other art galleries so that you may fulfill your destiny to become a great artist.
2. Find your passion by volunteering for a cause.
One of the hindrances to passion is a lack of awareness. How can you be passionate about something, if you don't know what there is to be passionate about? One way to discover your true calling is to dabble in what other people are passionate about. Why are environmentalists passionate about their cause? Why are social activists willing to be arrested for the sake of freedom of speech? Maybe what you need to do to fulfill your destiny is to join a cause that you feel strongly about.

3. Find your passion by spending time with children.
Spending time with children can help you discover your passion. Children are pure and unbiased. They have the untainted wisdom of innocence. They are not concerned with the usual limitations we impose upon ourselves. Sometimes while singing to a child, she will ask you, "Why aren't you a singer?" And you too might wonder why. Maybe what you need to fulfill your destiny is encouragement from someone who believes in a world where dreams can come true.

4. Find your passion by being interested in what your friends are passionate about.
Birds of the same feather flock together. We are friends with particular people because we have something in common with them. When what you have in common with your friends is not immediately evident, try to dig deeper. Maybe your friend is involved in a cause, a career, or a business that you didn't know you'd be interested in. Give it a try. It might turn out to be something you're really good at. Fulfill your destiny by being open to trying new things.

5. Find your passion by ignoring social standards. 
We all want to passionate about something we can tell our friends about. People who are passionate about science, law, business, or medicine are admired by society. But what if you're not passionate about any of that? What if what you're really interested in are "board games?" It takes a lot of honesty for an individual to admit that he's not interested in what is society thinks he should be passionate about. However, if you want to fulfill your destiny, you have to pursue what makes you happy and not what everyone thinks you should pursue.

Discovering your passion will definitely open a lot of doors for you, doors that you never even knew existed before then. If you thought that you already had everything figured out in your life, once you actually find your true passion, you'll realize that there is so much more that you do not know and have not experienced. So go on and try to fulfill your destiny already! You most certainly deserve to!


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