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Selasa, 06 November 2012

Is It Possible For You To Become A Leader In Network Marketing?

The Network Marketing Industry is growing worldwide at a very accelerated pace right now. In the last few years, I managed to analyze what most people objections were. Living in an eastern-european country, I have dealt with more scepticism that you could ever imagine and yet I've never felt discouraged in any way.

I've seriously wondered why many people consider network marketing a scam. I've tried to look at things from their point of view and came up with the three most concerning scenarios:

1. "Network Marketing only wants to rip people off!"
Well, what can I say to that? This is what lazybones say and you can't do anything about that... they just know "what the catch is"! You can try to make them understand the awesome potential all day and night, they are not going to believe in anything that involves months or years of personal development. Pyramid, scam, end of story!

2. "The only persons that are big earners in the network marketing industry have been there since the beginning!"
Believe it or not, I personally know an MLM distributor that recently sponsored 117 people in one day! I'm talking about viral exposure on the internet and an extraordinary leader, but this proves that no matter what moment you choose to get into a network marketing business, there is absolutely nothing that can stand in your way if you put heart and passion into it.

3. "The Network Marketing Industry is uncertain and where is the monthly salary after all?"
This is the "9 to 5" employee point of view. No action that implies uncertainity is ever worth-taking. You can instantly tell that these people have never read Robert Kiyosaki's "Cashflow Quadrant" and have no intent to change their lifestyle. The truth is that to be successful you have to be extremely focused and to plan your daily actions very carefully, and that is a thing procrastionators will never do.

It all comes from the way you are programming your mind. If you don't visualize your future as you want it to be, if you don't write down what you hope to achieve, if you don't set your short-term and long-term goals, nothing's going to happen.

Think positive and act right now! Network marketing is the ideal way to live a prosperous life and it doesn't take that much to get on the right path. All it takes is commitment and finding one good mentor who can inspire you to really get things going. Life transformation is just a matter of making a few subtle changes!


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